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NetApp is a leader in IT storage. This course not only covers the fundamentals of storage and cloud computing, it also provides detailed step-by-step guidance on installing, configuring, and maintaining a NetApp Data ONTAP (7-Mode or Clustered) environment....
NetApp is a leader in IT storage. This course not only covers the fundamentals of storage and cloud computing, it also provides detailed step-by-step guidance on installing, configuring, and maintaining a NetApp Data ONTAP (7-Mode or Clustered) environment.

This course also completely prepares students for the challenging NCSA exam. NetApp Certified Storage Associates demonstrate a basic understanding of NetApp storage systems and Data ONTAP administration and management solutions. Students can understand the features and functions of 7-Mode and clustered Data ONTAP, and are able to perform basic administration of NetApp storage controllers running the Data ONTAP® operating system in NFS and Windows® (CIFS) multi-protocol environments.

Note: The exam associated with this course was retired 1/1/2017. However, this course still retains value as a training resource.

Recommended Experience
  • Knowledge of Windows and/or UNIX
  • Basic Internet skills
Recommended Equipment
  • A NetApp FAS device
Related Certifications
  • NCSA
  • CompTIA Storage+
Related Job Functions
  • Storage admin
  • Network admin
  • Network operations analyst
  • Network technician
  • Network engineer
  • Data Center admin
Anthony Sequeira has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 2012 and holds a variety of Juniper, Cisco, and Microsoft certifications, including CCIE R&S. His previous Microsoft courses here at CBT Nuggets remain some of the top-rated courses in the library.
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1. NCSA Course Intro (6 min)
2. Introduction to Data Storage (13 min)
3. DAS vs. NAS vs. SAN (7 min)
4. Exciting New Storage Technologies (7 min)
5. Server Virtualization (14 min)
6. Data Networks Fundamentals (18 min)
7. Cloud Fundamentals (13 min)
8. Scared of the Cloud? (8 min)
9. Introducing Flash Storage (5 min)
10. Flash Storage Components and Performance (7 min)
11. Solid State Technologies (6 min)
12. Flash Endurance (11 min)
13. Major Industry Trends Per NetApp (7 min)
14. OnCommand Management Software (9 min)
15. Clustered Data ONTAP (8 min)
16. Data ONTAP 7-Mode (6 min)
17. NetApp Hardware Basics (11 min)
18. FAS2500 (6 min)
19. FAS - Up Close and Personal (7 min)
20. Other NetApp Portfolio Products (12 min)
21. Connecting with System Manager (5 min)
22. Using the CLI (13 min)
23. Creating Aggregates (10 min)
24. Flash Pools (12 min)
25. Creating FlexVols (9 min)
26. Creating Qtrees (5 min)
27. Calculating Usable Disk Space (11 min)
28. Creating and Managing SnapShot Copies (9 min)
29. Network Administration (18 min)
30. Creating LUNs (9 min)
31. Using SnapDrive (6 min)
32. NFS Exports and CIFS Shares (6 min)
33. Using BranchCache (6 min)
34. Using Quotas (8 min)
35. RBAC (7 min)
36. Storage System Maintenance (11 min)
37. Storage Space Management (11 min)
38. Clustered Data ONTAP Concepts (8 min)
39. Clustered Data ONTAP User Interfaces (6 min)
40. Clustered Volumes and Namespaces (7 min)
41. Clustered File Access (7 min)
42. Clustered Load Balancing (5 min)
43. SAN Infrastructure (5 min)
44. FC Connectivity (9 min)
45. The NCSA Exam (9 min)
46. Sailing Past the NCSA Exam (10 min)
47. The Great NCSA Exam Bonus (2 min)

NCSA Course Intro


Welcome to our NetApp Certified Storage Associate course here at CBT Nuggets. My name is Anthony Sequeira, and I am thrilled that you discovered this NetApp course. And in this brief Nugget, I just want to go ahead and lay out what we're going to do together in this very, very valuable training.


Now just like Cisco Systems calls their entry-level exams associate, that's what the A stands for in NCSA, of course. So we have a lot of fundamentals that we cover in this particular course, like fundamentals about storage, and data networking, and cloud, and virtualization.


But of course, NetApp has a lot of great products, so we'll delve into what those products are and then we'll get super hands on in these Nuggets with the ONTAP operating system that powers many of these products. In fact, as you might guess, this is a major focus of this course, and if you're interested in the certification exam that coordinates with this course, this is your big focus in the certification exam.


Sure you're going to have questions from all of these areas, but this, by far, is the major emphasis. If you're interested in certification, by the way, for NetApp, that is indeed one of my goals for this course. And if we go up to Services & Support at the NetApp site, you'll see that there is a section of the site called Certification.


And when we scroll down, we can see the certifications that NetApp has developed this far. By no means are they done. Notice they follow a very similar structure to Cisco certifications, if you're familiar with those, and really the basis is the NetApp Certified Storage Associate.


So this is a very, very important certification if you're a storage person, and you can get more details about the exam here. I will be providing you with more details about this exam in a Nugget where I give an overview of this particular exam, and we even run through some practice questions from the exam.


So again, if you're interested in certification, look for our overview Nugget of this particular exam. I'll make it the very last Nugget in this course filled with action-packed Nuggets. Notice it's pretty cool that they even are starting to get real product specific, like the NetApp FlexPod is such a great product.


We'll, of course, discuss it in our training, and they have design and implementation Nuggets just around that particular specialist certification. If you wanted to become a NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer in like the 7-mode or the clustered data ONTAP operating systems, notice that you would have that ability as well, so pretty exciting certification line up from NetApp.


Now, as I mentioned, NetApp has a lot of great products, products they categorize under unified storage, high performance san storage, and enterprise all-flash storage. In this particular course, we'll be delving deep into these various products, many of them will be covered so that you get a great sense for the entire product portfolio and what it can do for your enterprise.


So what are my goals for this course? What did I literally map out as my objectives for delivering this course you? Well, number one, to keep my voice. Number two, I want you to go ahead and really understand key storage topics, and I might also add to this data networking topics because it's not just purely storage that we discuss in this course.


Storage does not exist in a vacuum, so we're going to hit on other key data networking topics as we go through. I want you to understand the NetApp product portfolio, as I alluded to, and where things fit and where you would use one product versus another.


Then, we're going to make sure you can describe and configure key NetApp elements. For instance, what is an aggregate, and how would you configure this important element of NetApp storage? We'll have many, many of those. This is where we get into the ONTAP operating system, and we're configuring stuff, and as I alluded to, it's a major emphasis of both this course and the exam that coordinates.


Speaking of the exam, obviously, my goal is for you to pass the exam. That's right. I have to do an incredible job here because the exam is considered quite difficult. So I need to make sure I cover what NetApp will expect of you on that particular exam.


Sure, there may be way one question or two out of complete right field, but our goal is, since they give us some nice wiggle room as far as passing-- we don't have to pass with a perfect score-- our goal is to ensure you pass with relative ease. I'll do all of these objectives by creating concise, laser-focused Nuggets.


What do I mean by that? I mean there's not going to be some 40 minute Nugget that covers all these intense topics and you feel overwhelmed. Instead, I'll create a Nugget on something like aggregates, cover just that topic fully in that particular Nugget.


And I'm hoping you really find it fun as well. I think should add that here. We are going to try and make sure that this is a fun, painless learning experience for you. Now, when we create these laser-focused Nuggets, it enables you to do something else that's pretty exciting, and that is, obviously, watch a Nugget like this several times over in the course of one short hour.


And what it also does is it would allow you to skip any topics that you were already well-versed in. So enough about the course. Let's begin. I'm sure like me you are raring to get started here. We are very excited, and we'll get started by, instead of taking an intro to the course, let's go ahead and take an introduction to a slightly more important topic, and that is data storage itself.


Well, I sure hope this Nugget was informative for you though, and I'd like to thank you for viewing.

Introduction to Data Storage

DAS vs. NAS vs. SAN

Exciting New Storage Technologies

Server Virtualization

Data Networks Fundamentals

Cloud Fundamentals

Scared of the Cloud?

Introducing Flash Storage

Flash Storage Components and Performance

Solid State Technologies

Flash Endurance

Major Industry Trends Per NetApp

OnCommand Management Software

Clustered Data ONTAP

Data ONTAP 7-Mode

NetApp Hardware Basics


FAS - Up Close and Personal

Other NetApp Portfolio Products

Connecting with System Manager

Using the CLI

Creating Aggregates

Flash Pools

Creating FlexVols

Creating Qtrees

Calculating Usable Disk Space

Creating and Managing SnapShot Copies

Network Administration

Creating LUNs

Using SnapDrive

NFS Exports and CIFS Shares

Using BranchCache

Using Quotas


Storage System Maintenance

Storage Space Management

Clustered Data ONTAP Concepts

Clustered Data ONTAP User Interfaces

Clustered Volumes and Namespaces

Clustered File Access

Clustered Load Balancing

SAN Infrastructure

FC Connectivity

The NCSA Exam

Sailing Past the NCSA Exam

The Great NCSA Exam Bonus

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