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This Microsoft Windows 10 70-698: Installing and Configuring Windows 10 course with trainer Anthony Sequeira completely prepares you for the following topics:...
This Microsoft Windows 10 70-698: Installing and Configuring Windows 10 course with trainer Anthony Sequeira completely prepares you for the following topics:
  • Implement Windows
    • Prepare for installation requirements
    • Install Windows
    • Configure devices and device drivers
    • Perform post-installation configuration
    • Implement Windows in an enterprise environment
  • Configure and support core services
    • Configure networking
    • Configure storage
    • Configure data access and usage
    • Implement apps
    • Configure remote management
  • Manage and maintain Windows
    • Configure updates
    • Monitor Windows
    • Configure system and data recovery
    • Configure authorization and authentication
    • Configure advanced management tools
NOTE: This course features amazing hands-on labs that coordinate to specific Nuggets. Follow along with fully functional Windows Operating Systems right with the instructor. A dual monitor or tablet and monitor configuration is recommended, but not required.

Recommended Experience
  • Students should be familiar with the software topics covered in the CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902 courses
Recommended Equipment
  • Windows 10 Pro edition (provided in our Hands-on Labs)
Related Certifications
  • Microsoft Specialist: Windows 10
  • MCSA: Windows 10
  • MCSE: Mobility
  • MCSE: Enterprise Devices and Apps
Related Job Functions
  • IT Professional
  • System Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • System Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Data Center Engineer
Anthony Sequeira has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 2012 and holds a variety of Juniper, Cisco, and Microsoft certifications, including CCIE R&S. His previous Microsoft courses here at CBT Nuggets remain some of the top-rated courses in the library.
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1. 70-698 Course Introduction (6 min)
2. Intro to the Implement Windows Section (5 min)
3. Hardware Requirements and Compatibility (8 min)
4. Upgrades Versus Clean Installs (7 min)
5. Windows 10 Editions (8 min)
6. Requirements for Special Features (8 min)
7. Creating Appropriate Installation Media (12 min)
8. Performing Various Installations (16 min)
9. Performing a Clean Install (11 min)
10. Installing Additional Windows Features (7 min)
11. Additional Regional and Language Support (5 min)
12. Device Drivers (7 min)
13. Advanced Device Driver Management (8 min)
14. Start Menu, Desktop, Taskbar, and Notification Settings (13 min)
15. Accessibility Options (7 min)
16. Cortana (5 min)
17. Microsoft Edge (12 min)
18. Internet Explorer (8 min)
19. Hyper-V (10 min)
20. Power Settings (8 min)
21. Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD) Tool (7 min)
22. Volume Activation (8 min)
23. Miscellaneous Activation Topics (4 min)
24. Introducing Active Directory (7 min)
25. Active Directory and Group Policies (6 min)
26. User Account Control (UAC) (8 min)
27. Intro to the Configure and Support Core Services Section (3 min)
28. IPv4 and IPv6 Network Settings (15 min)
29. Name Resolution (6 min)
30. Connect to a Network (6 min)
31. Network Locations (6 min)
32. Windows Firewall (14 min)
33. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security (10 min)
34. Network Discovery (5 min)
35. Wi-Fi Settings (10 min)
36. Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Sense, and Hotspot 2.0 (5 min)
37. Troubleshoot Network Issues (7 min)
38. VPNs (8 min)
39. IPsec (7 min)
40. DirectAccess (4 min)
41. Disk Management and Windows PowerShell (14 min)
42. VHDs (10 min)
43. Storage Spaces (11 min)
44. Removable Devices (9 min)
45. Troubleshoot Storage (9 min)
46. File and Printer Sharing (9 min)
47. Folder Shares, Public Folders, and OneDrive (12 min)
48. File System Permissions (11 min)
49. Troubleshoot Data Access (4 min)
50. Desktop Apps (6 min)
51. Startup Options (10 min)
52. Windows Store (7 min)
53. Provisioning Packages (6 min)
54. Windows PowerShell (9 min)
55. The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) (9 min)
56. Remote Management (9 min)
57. Introduction to the Manage and Maintain Windows Section (4 min)
58. Configure Updates (11 min)
59. Event Viewer (9 min)
60. Task Manager and Resource Monitor (8 min)
61. Performance Monitor (12 min)
62. Monitor and Manage Printers (6 min)
63. Indexing Options (10 min)
64. Windows Defender (7 min)
65. Reliability Monitor (5 min)
66. Troubleshoot Performance Issues (7 min)
67. Recovery Options (7 min)
68. Backup Options (6 min)
69. Authorization and Authentication (5 min)
70. Configure Services (6 min)
71. Task Scheduler (8 min)
72. Your 70-698 Exam (7 min)

70-698 Course Introduction


What's so special about this Windows 10 course? Well, join me in this course introduction, because you're going to find out. Well, obviously one of the first things that's special is what we're covering. We're covering Windows 10 in great detail. And there's so much interest in Windows 10, especially after Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.


Notice, we're going to cover this course in three areas. We're going to discuss the implementation of Windows. This has a lot to do with installation but also customizing right after we've installed and verifying that Windows 10 is perfect. We'll also look at configuring and supporting core services and managing and maintaining windows.


Did I come up with these topics? No. Let me show you exactly where I got these topics from. Here we are at the official MCSA Windows 10 page from Microsoft. And notice, there's this Exam 698. This is one of two exams that you must take in order to become an MCSA for Windows 10.


If you go to the Exam 698 area, you're going to see that the exam objectives for Microsoft are broken down into three areas. Coincidence? No. They're our coverage areas. We're going to go through, and we're going to implement Windows together. And I'll have a Nugget for you on each of these topics regarding installation.


Then we'll go and configure those core services, like networking, storage, data access, apps, and remote management. And then we'll wrap up this course with our third section, where we'll configure updates, monitor Windows, do authorization, authentication, data recovery, and advance management tools.


So it's no surprise where we get our content from. Yes, of course we're interested in making sure that you succeed in production environments with Windows 10, but notice, foremost on our mind is easy success with this examination. So without a doubt, that list of exam objectives is pretty important.


And I'm sure thinking-- and I and I love that you're thinking this-- hey, Anthony, I want a copy of that, because, as I go through these Nuggets and I master this material, I would literally like to highlight that document. And guess what? I've made this easy for you.


In the supplemental files when all of the Nuggets are done, I will place a PDF I created for you called, The Exam Blueprint. This is going to be in the supplemental files area of the course page. So just go to your course page for this course. And here are the supplemental files.


And you'll download those. In addition to The Exam Blueprint, I'm going to have dozens of great documents for you inside of there to help you with this course. You'll hear me referencing them again and again in the Nugget. There'll be additional materials, there'll be practice files, there might be diagrams to help you.


So lots of great things as part of the supplemental files for this course. And by the way, if you feel like you might struggle to really keep up with these Nuggets, to really be doing x number of Nuggets per day based on your timing, if you feel like you need extra assistance getting the most out of this course, by all means, please take advantage of this accountability coaching.


That's right, you can have your own accountability coach that's guiding you through this process and keeping you honest in your studies. Now, I went to this awesome What's New in Windows Server 2016 course from my dearest friend Garth, Because I wanted to show you something that we're going to do in this course that you're definitely going to want to take advantage of.


Notice, I am on the Nugget right now called Nano Server. And up here in the player window, you can see Garth is teaching us all about the cool nano server that's in Server 2016. Well, guess what? There is a virtual lab that goes along with this Nugget.


So if I click on the virtual lab, it's going to build a real Server 2016 environment. That's right, it's real, this is not a simulation. It's going to build this environment for us, and it's going to allow us to literally follow along with Garth as he does the lab.


So this is an awesome thing. Now notice, it comes up in a separate tab by default. Ah, this is so cool, we. Are literally seeing the Server 2016 desktop right now. I'm going to log in, by the way, real quick. With the clipboard here, we can put the password, so we don't even have to type it in.


I click Go, and we are sitting at the Server 2016 desktop. How cool is this? So notice, it's in a separate tab. And I could just tab back and forth, following along with Garth, pausing Garth and then going over here to this tab. Obviously multiple monitors would be really cool, or you could even incorporate a tablet or a phone into your studies.


So I could be playing Garth on the phone or on the tablet, while, on my desktop PC, I'm running through the lab we will be doing this in this Windows 10 course. You'll hear me referencing, a ton of the time, a virtual lab that goes with the Nugget that we're working on.


And speaking of a tablet that you might be using as a second monitor, remember, there's all kinds of great features for your mobile devices. The CBT Nuggets app on your mobile device is going to be consistently improved and upgraded all the time. Here we are in that What's New in Server 2016 course.


And notice, there's a Nugget after the Nano Server Nugget called Containers. If I click on the ... over here on the right, one of the things I can do is add this Nugget to my Offline Catalog. Now, when I'm on the iPad, and I want to watch some of this content on an airplane with no internet connection, for instance, no problem, thanks to the offline viewing capabilities on the mobile platform.


So please take advantage of this with your Windows 10 Course. So I'm sure, like me, you're super excited to get started. And you know that we're going to get started in the Implement Windows area. In the very next Nugget, what I want to do is detail for you what we'll cover in this section of the course.


I hope this 70-698 course introduction was informative for you, and I'd like to thank you for viewing.

Intro to the Implement Windows Section

Hardware Requirements and Compatibility

Upgrades Versus Clean Installs

Windows 10 Editions

Requirements for Special Features

Creating Appropriate Installation Media

Performing Various Installations

Performing a Clean Install

Installing Additional Windows Features

Additional Regional and Language Support

Device Drivers

Advanced Device Driver Management

Start Menu, Desktop, Taskbar, and Notification Settings

Accessibility Options


Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer


Power Settings

Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD) Tool

Volume Activation

Miscellaneous Activation Topics

Introducing Active Directory

Active Directory and Group Policies

User Account Control (UAC)

Intro to the Configure and Support Core Services Section

IPv4 and IPv6 Network Settings

Name Resolution

Connect to a Network

Network Locations

Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Network Discovery

Wi-Fi Settings

Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Sense, and Hotspot 2.0

Troubleshoot Network Issues




Disk Management and Windows PowerShell


Storage Spaces

Removable Devices

Troubleshoot Storage

File and Printer Sharing

Folder Shares, Public Folders, and OneDrive

File System Permissions

Troubleshoot Data Access

Desktop Apps

Startup Options

Windows Store

Provisioning Packages

Windows PowerShell

The Microsoft Management Console (MMC)

Remote Management

Introduction to the Manage and Maintain Windows Section

Configure Updates

Event Viewer

Task Manager and Resource Monitor

Performance Monitor

Monitor and Manage Printers

Indexing Options

Windows Defender

Reliability Monitor

Troubleshoot Performance Issues

Recovery Options

Backup Options

Authorization and Authentication

Configure Services

Task Scheduler

Your 70-698 Exam

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