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GLOW » Refactored .elements
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Refactored .elements

To make it easier and more logical to activate GL.drawArrays (see previous post) we’ve thrown away the good old elements property and changed it into…

var shaderConfig = {
  indices: myArrayOfIndices,
  primitives: GL.TRIANGLES,
  data: {
    // attributes and uniforms
  usage: {
    primitives: GL.DYNAMIC_DRAW

(First a side note: elements is now primitives in the usage object). As you can see we’ve split elements into indices and primitives, where…

  • indices is the array of indices
  • primitives is the type of primitive you’d like to use

If you leave out the primitives property, it defaults to GL.TRIANGLE. Also, the good old…

  • triangles
  • triangleStrip
  • triangleFan
  • points
  • lines
  • lineLoop
  • lineStrip

… properties still work and automatically sets the primitive property.

Now, to use GL.drawArrays instead of GL.drawElements you simply leave out the indices property…

var shaderConfig = {
  primitives: GL.POINTS,
  data: {
    // attributes and uniforms

As you see, you no longer have to set the amount of primitives to draw (this is calculated from the attribute length).

Thanks Neil Mendoza for the excellent suggestion.
Hope you like it!