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GLOW » Point, Lines, Triangles
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Point, Lines, Triangles

Sometimes you don’t want to draw triangles, but lines and points. Now GLOW has support for this as well as some other types.

As you know, this is the GLOW shader data object…

var shaderData = {
  vertexShader: "...the vertex shader code...",
  fragmentShader: "...the fragment shader code...",
  data: {
    viewMatrix: new GLOW.Matrix4(),
    vertices: myFloat32ArrayWithVertices,
    ...and all other uniforms and attributes...
  elements: myUint16ArrayWithElements

As of today the elements property can be switched to any of the following…

  • points
  • lines
  • lineLoop
  • lineStrip
  • triangles
  • triangleStrip
  • triangleFan

…which are the different element types that WebGL supports. Elements is the same as triangles, but we decided to keep it for now. If you’re into details, you can see that the GLOW.Elements have some new parameters – data, type and usage (more about usage in the next post).